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Generic IM Framework + Generic Swing UI = Extensible IM Client and tools.

JClaim is a set of few components designed for instant messaging communications.  

Finally a simple communication framework that unites all the mediums! Use any part of the project by itself or all together.

The UI is up to version 4.x and has a lot of great new features!

Keeping businesses in mind, our UI is not a flashy one. Very functional, easy to use and has a number of business-oriented features. Will allow your staff to communicate reliably with clients and co-workers, remain less distracted, and allow your business to keep up with all the new regulations and guidelines. More features...

Check out the power point show for details on fetures and functionality. (Alternative)

Developers wanted: The API is easy to follow, so if you want new features, a prettier UI, a this and a that: roll up your sleeves and dig in. We'll try to help, as much as we can.

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